Monday, February 10, 2020

Democracy promotion Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Democracy promotion - Term Paper Example The spread of liberal democracy and freedom in the world facilitates the betterment of the people that live in the countries that exercise this conception through the promotion of individual liberty. For instance, democracy allows for the development of the freedom of expression, the freedom and right to own properties, and the aspect of conscience. It is inherent for the world superpowers to promote the democracy of the developing and other nations to ensure greater individual liberties to numerous people. Democratized countries provide maximum human rights to their citizenry through their involvement in the decisions that concern their lives. As studies illustrate, even the illiberal and imperfect democracies tend to allow liberty as opposed to the autocracies. Further, the increased levels of individual liberty improve the realization of full potential amongst the humans benefiting the humankind. For example, when a government utilizes autocratic leadership, more lives are in dang er. The situation is so because those who fight for their freedom get killed while the developed nations may withdraw their support to such nations posing more challenges to the citizens (Cho, 2015). If there is a promotion of democracy, there will be a mutual decision-making hence better lives to the people in the country. The United States need to spread the idea of liberal democracy to the nations in the attempt to stop the people from facing violence from their home governments. Most countries that do not implement the ideology of liberal democracy find themselves triggering civil unrest in their regimes causing deaths to their people. For example, apparently, there is civil unrest in Burundi due to the autocratic leadership of the incumbent president. In this case, more lives have been lost due to the forceful nature of the president to vie for a third term. Moreover,

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